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Achieve Balance...

Exercise and a good diet aren't the only thing keeping you from achieving your goals. Schedule an appointment and see how easy weight loss can be.

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Concierge Medicine

Your family is the most important thing in your life. Having your own private doctor in moments of need can bring peace in changing times.

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Integrative medicine is maximizing your health through the use of early detection, prevention and reversal of age related decline. This type of medical practice will help you to maintain your health and vitality. It will be the standard of 21st century medicine. Stop treating your symptoms and start to understand why every component impacting your health including hormone levels and nutrition needs to be in balance!

Concierge Primary Care- The antidote to 15 minute cookie cutter doctor visits provides flexible, accessible and practical healthcare. By creating a "small town in the big city", Dr Cox has a community of healthy and happy patients. All participants have rapid access to office appointments, access to the doctor after hours, phone consultative services while out of town, and personalized health plans.
Hormone Optimization – Using human identical hormones (estradiol, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid and DHEA) to relieve the complex and sometimes debilitating symptoms of hormone deficiencies suffered by both men and women as we age. Programs are based on sound science and tailored for each patient based on medical history, family history, lab results, symptoms experienced, and information from the initial consultation.
Food Sensitivity and Functional Gut Assessments- blood testing for possible undiagnosed causes of bacterial imbalance in the gut or gut inflammation caused by food intolerance. This may lead to worsening of migraines, chronic dyspepsia, IBS type symptoms, SBO, chronic candidiasis and other chronic medical complaints that are not improved by traditional medical therapies.
Preoperative Risk Assessments- A convenient service for patients undergoing non-emergent surgical procedures with MAC or general anesthesia. This service is designed to increase patient satisfaction and safety. You no longer have to schedule an appointment with your PCP weeks in advance and then wait in an office full of sick people to get your health risk appraisal for your cosmetic, orthopedic, ophthalmic, ENT or other types routine surgical procedures.
Botox for migraine- the FDA approved use of Botox for chronic migraine headache. Studies show Botox can reduce the amount of migraine free days and hours significantly for patients with frequent daily migraines despite daily medications.
Nonsurgical Facial Aesthetics- Neurotoxin (Botox), HA fillers (Belotero, Juvederm ), Radiesse, Sculptra, and ablative laser services. These services are offered at discounts to our concierge patients that choose the Rejuvenation plan.
Skin Care Services – A full service skincare clinic with Medical Aestheticians providing skincare, microdermabrasion, non-ablative laser and light based therapies, and chemical peels.





A doctor focused on your health and concerns.

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